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    Flex + SQlite


      Hey there, I am trying to figure out how to insert each row of my arraylist into a new SQLite table.


      I tried this =

      for each (var item in myArrayList)
              dbStatement.execute("insert into Products values(?)", (item,));


      but it gives me a missing parenthesis error....


      Any ideas?



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          kokorito Level 4

          you need to put the sql in the text property and then execute

          also, I've not seen a sql statement like that before, I've always done it like this


          dbStatement.text = "insert into Products (col1,col2,col3) VALUES(:col1,:col2,:col3)";

          dbStatement.parameters['col1'] = item.prop1;

          dbStatement.parameters['col2'] = item.prop2;

          dbStatement.parameters['col3'] = item.prop3;




          assuming of course that you've already connected to and created the Products table

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            JasonBr42 Level 1

            Yeah, I think I mis-read somewhere that flex was able to simply accept a complex object array and create a table with it.


            So in looking at your suggestion there can you explain the following statement?


            dbStatement.text = "insert into Products (col1,col2,col3) VALUES(:col1,:col2,:col3)";



            is  Products (col1,col2,col3)  the label for each column  


            and is VALUES(:col1,:col2,:col3)";   the arrays label for each colum to correlate the two?

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              kokorito Level 4

              sorry, yes the col1, col2 are the column names in the table, the values list :col1, :col2 are parameters that correspond to the columns

              then set their values in the dbStatement[':param_name'] =


              sql.text = "INSERT INTO Products (id,price) VALUES (:id,:price)";

              sql.parameters[":id"] = item.id;

              sql.parameters[":price"] = item.price;