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    Calling "_parent" while in an XML.onLoad

    BSpero Level 1
      Hey all,
      So, I have some text fields that I want to fill dynamically based on the information in an XML document. The problem is, I can't seem to find the correct path to refer to other movie clips while I am in the "onLoad" handler. I can hard code the names of the clips in, but that really doesn't help me if more items are added, etc. For instance...

      myNode = (myXML_xml.firstChild.childNodes[j]);
      myNodeName = (myNode.nodeName);
      this[myNodeName+"_text"].general_txt1.text = beigeText;

      will not work. If I hard code in the name of the movie clip (which I am trying to get to with "this[myNodeName+"_text"]) then I can make it work. But "this" is referring to the XML statement at the time, and I can't seem to path out of it. Ideas?

      - Bruce Text