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    Can Freehand 10 files be imported into Indesign?




      I have been given multipage documents to update that were created in Freehand 10. I can open them in illustrator and edit the text (although the formatting goes a bit haywire) but I cannot then copy and paste into Indesign as it converts the text to graphics. I do not really want to use illustrator as a document layout program or relayout all the pages in InDesign - not if there is another option as this will be an ongoing project.


      I am working on CS4 - about to upgrade to CS5.5. If opening or saving in an older version helps, I can probably access most of them.


      Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts about importing freehand into indesign? Or even how to get the text out of illustrator as editable text in the correct layout? I realise I can copy and paste into a text editor to get the text, but a straight conversion or copy/paste would be better as I have multiple multipage documents to convert.


      All ideas would be appreciated.


      Cheers and thanks