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    Totally weird behavior....need help!!

    Lou Dina Level 3

      I am on a Mac, OSX 10.6.8, LR 3.4.1, dual Samsung LCD monitors. LR has been working fine for quite awhile and I know my way around.


      Today, it started acting weird. Everything seems fine, expect the Adjustment Brush. First, the "pin" does not show up at all (you know, the marker that shows where you started applying a local adjustment). That's odd enough, but the next part is totally strange. I have dual monitors, but which sow the image in LR. When I use the adjustment brush to locally lighten a portion of my image, the main monitor show is getting DARKER, but Monitor 2 shows it getting lighter, as I would expect! That never happened before. Holy smokes...what is happening here? All the other development controls seem to be working fine, but the adjustment brush is haywire all of a sudden.


      I recently downloaded and installed ColorEyes Display Pro (demo mode). I can't get the thing to run at all. Crashes on startup. I uninstalled the program and related preference files, login items, etc, since I thought perhaps it might be the problem. I guess it could be a coincidence, but my problems started after trying to install ColorEyes (but not immediately afterwards). After removing ColorEyes, I reprofiled my monitors with Xrite i1Profiler just to be sure my monitor profiles were okay. I am still getting the same behavior. I even shut down my computer, unplugged it, restarted, repaired permissions, ran some maintenance, etc. Still have the same problem.


      I have 50,000 images, loads of presets, etc, on my computer, and don't really want to trash all my LR preferences. I'd spend hours getting everything set up again. (but, I'll do it if I have no other options).


      Anyone seen this type of behavior? Missing "pin" or improper behavior with the local adjustment brush? BTW, resetting the brush works fine, but something is gone wacko here. Could it be a Lr preference, monitor or view setting?


      Thanks for your help,