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    Flickr API - Has it changed in the past year or two?


      I am new to using the Flickr API and I've noticed that many of the tutorials I am finding online do not seem to work correctly... here is an example: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/flex/build-a-photo-viewer-using-flex-and-the-flickr-a pi/


      In particular, it seems like the method calls to photos.search is incorrect... I can't find any documentation anywhere that explains what vars are passed to the method, and in which order.  The examples show 11 or 12 vars/arguments being passed, like this:


      service.photos.search("", SEARCH_STRING, "any", "", null, null, null, null, -1, "", MAX_RESULTS, 1);


      However, they don't document what each of these fields represent (other than the ones that are obvious), and when I look at the API documentation, there seems to be some 35 arguments you can pass in!  Now, I'm assuming you can pass in only as many as you need and leave the additional optional vars out of it, but even according to this example above, MAX_RESULTS (which should represent per_page, I'm assuming) is actually in the position of "sort" or "privacy filter", if the order of args listed on the API documentation page is accurate.


      Can anybody shed some light on this... is that list of args on the Flickr API page correct? Does it really accept up to 35? Does the as3flickrlib still work correctly? Also not sure if I would still need to pass API key as an arg if I've already done an auth via the AS3 Flickr lib.




      In any case, for the time being I have decided to stop trying to use the as3flickrlib altogether and go directly to the API via HTTPService, which seems to work okay passing HTTP args (via params or GET vars in URL), such as shown here: http://www.switchonthecode.com/tutorials/flex-httpservice-retrieving-data-from-flickr