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    CS4— lost 1/2 of my fonts via Suitcase Fusion trial??? HELP

    Chemol Level 1

      If ANYONE can please help me ... today I downloaded a trial version of Suitcase Fusion 3 to see waht is was like. I also uninstalled it today.


      NOW, all of my Adobe programs are missing (not pulling up) my enitre fonts list ie: basics like Myriad Pro are missing from the drop down menu among many others, and previous deisgn documents are opening with errors saying:

      "fonts or characters are not available or in a different format than originally specicifed". Then, when I DO open that document, I cannot even correctly place the original fonts—they are not available.


      My Fonts do show in my Library (iMac OSX 10.5)


      Is there any way to restore my fonts? It seems like they are not "talking" to my software programs (all of my software ...including Microsoft word /excel etc)


      Thank you,