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    Spark List ItemRender Layouts?

    VirtualCoder Level 1

      Hi Folks,

      My ItemRenderer is made up of a TITLE (in a Label) a THUMBNAIL (as a BitmapImage) and STORY (in a RichText).  This is what makes up one item in a vertical List of RSS news stories.


      My vertical List has a horizontalAlign="justify" setting and this is nicely causing the RichText to do proper word wrapping by reacting to window and List's wdith being resized.  However, if I try to more nicely layout the 3 pieces, by using V/HGroup(s) and various laying out, they all end up breaking the RichText word wrapping.


      The only form of laying out that seems to work properly is absolute (x, y) positioning or by setting left/top/right/bottom settings.  In other words, I am not able to specify that TITLE and STORY should be vertically laid out within a horizontal aligment of them and the THUMBNAIL.


      Does anyone have any pointers on how to use various laying out schemes within an ItemRenderer the way that one would do it within an Application?