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    Adobe X 10.1.0 Will not start up or open PDFs


      Adobe Reader X 10.10

      Windows 7


      If I try to open a PDF or Start up Adobe Reader I get the following message



      If I click the 3 option nothing happens. Reader wont open my PDF or start

      If I click the 1st or second options I get the followin message



      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and repairing.

      I dont know what to do. Please help

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          Glad it's not just me...


          I had the same problem.  Either it downloaded a patch and fixed itself, or this worked:

          Go to Control Panel / Add / remove programs         (in Control Panel / all control panel items / Programs and Features / Add remove programs)

          Right click on Adobe Reader and select Change.

          Choose Repair


          This appears to have reinstalled the Core DLL file, and it seems to be working normally now.

          Good luck