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    Flash Creative Suite CS3 : Professional version and/or Standard

    HD-LW Level 1

      Please advice.

      I am looking at scanning results from MANY PCs (mostly from "Add/remove programs") and I can see that  there are 2 different types of applications regarding "Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3":

      Ones that are just called this and some that are called Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3 Professional.


      I cannot seem to find a standard edition mentioned anywhere of Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3.


      So, my question is now:

      Is there one or two versions? (standard and prof.)


      Is there absolutely no standard version, so that I must conclude that applications called Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3, must be exactly the same as Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3 (CS3) - Professional?


      Please advise!



      (AND .. does anybody have the exact release date (day, month and year))