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    Snippets crashing RH8.0.2

    old_NL_Derek Level 1

      Today I added two snippets to my RH project (68 topics, CHM output) and since then I have had several crashes. They seem to occur when I edit the topics containing snippets (of course it's hard to be sure). On one occasion RH hung for about a minute before crashing; during the hang it was using 50% CPU (i.e. all of one core) and its memory (as shown is Sysinternals Process Explorer) was steadily increasing, reaching about 1.5 GiB before the crash.


      The snippets are about 8 lines long, they use Multi-level lists and one (small) JPEG.


      Has anyone else seen this, or have suggestions for troubleshooting?


      --- Derek

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried the basic step of deleting the CPD?


          I wouldn't have thought those Snippets should cause this problem but have you tried deleting the content temporarily to prove the point?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            old_NL_Derek Level 1

            D'oh! (bashes head against wall).


            I've now deleted it, I'll wait and see if the problem comes back. Incidentally the CPD I deleted was 1500kB, the newly-created CPD 900kB.


            --- Derek

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              old_NL_Derek Level 1

              Update. The problem did indeed come back, when I edit a topic containing a snippet RH sometimes hangs for a while (several minutes) and eventually crashes.


              While it is hanging it is using 50% CPU (ie all of one core) and the memory allocated to RH increases steadily to about 1.3 MiB. Presumably it crashes when it can't get any more memory.


              This is RH 8.0.2, XP Pro SP3, 4GiB RAM.


              Anyway I removed the snippets and since then have had no crashes. Renaming the CPD helped by keeping the system stable for a couple of editing rounds -- that was enough to remove the snippets.


              --- Derek

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                gsmichaels Level 1

                01-16-15. RoboHelp 10.


                The attempt to insert a copied snippet into expanding text box (part of an existing bulleted paragraph in a table) led to an immediate crash.

                Tried importing snippet (one word with embedded expanding text) into existing bulleted paragraph in table and that, too, resulted in an immediate crash.

                I don't plan to try that again.