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    InDesign Transparency Effect vs. pdf file size

    Uncle Mo Level 1

      I have an Interactive pdf that was created from InDesign. There is  "inner glow" is an effect style created box style. This box style is used a number of times in the 30  page document. The glow is a gradient from black to transparent which looks  like an inner shadow for the boxes (sample attached). When I generate the pdf file, size is about 12 Mgb, too large for the target audience.

      When I alter the style in InDesign to say something simple like a 10%  black solid fill, the pdf file size decreases to about 1 Mgb.

      Looked into "flattening transparency" options but this creates pdf that has none of the interactive buttons and links that are required.

      Really would like to avoid creating these boxes in photoshop since there are about 40 different sizes of the box.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!