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    Trial version of Pre 5.5 doesnt have Mpeg2-dvd... why?

    Dancing bob

      Hello, I've been using various editing software for a while making silly home movies and the like but I was looking to get some real clout behind me and push for a job in editing or maybe start up editing old home movies.  I've used adobe premiere in college and was looking to buy it so I downloaded a trial version to see whats what.  I've read a few tutorials and wanted to publish a DVD to see what the quality compares to but after capturing my footage I found that I was missing a few codecs one of them being the MPEG2-DVD.  The funny thing is that the trial version specifically states that it comes with this codec.  I'm running windows 7 home prem, with an asus M4a88T-usb3 motherboard and a 6x speed AMD 2.4 processor.  I'm ok with computers but I'm wondering if there's a problem with Windows 7 and this codec.


      Is there any way of updating this before the trial runs out?


      Any help would be appriciated.




      the disco king