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    Do the ACE certifications only focus on new features in the version of the software.


      Hello everyone,



      A bit confused about adobe ACE certifications.


      right,  i was looking at using some of the revision notes from ucertify, and was a little baffled you see, in the notes theres is only 200 and something questions on the photoshop cs5 exam and when i looked on the photoshop cs4 exam prep there was like 600 and something?? most of these companies say that there prep kits feature 95% of the material required to pass the exam so looking at this it would be easier to pass the cs5 exam than the cs4 exam?


      as i've never taken one of these exams before so this makes me think that the exams are only based on new features with the version of the software not a complete overview of the software.


      is this right? or do they just not put it in the prep material as they expect you to have learnt it all from the previous exams?


      very confusing.


      hope someone can help