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    Scroller null focusManager exception


      Currently working on a project that needs to take a component & pop it out of it's parent to the top level app. I am using a spark textAera. Initially when the textArea is "unpopped out" the textAera works fine. However, when it is popped out and a user then focuses in on the textArea a null object reference is thrown from the Scroller class focusInHandler method.


      Currently to remove and pop out the component the code I am using is:





      where resizeComponent is the component I want to pop out.


      Exception occurs when focusing in, Scroller.as:


      override protected function focusInHandler(event:FocusEvent):void




              // When we gain focus, make sure the focused element is visible

              if (viewport && ensureElementIsVisibleForSoftKeyboard)


                  var elt:IVisualElement = focusManager.getFocus() as IVisualElement; //null object excpetion thrown here

                  lastFocusedElement = elt;




      What am I doing wrong?