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    Spark Image can't scale embedded SWF symbols?

    Ged_mc Level 1

      Can anyone help me make sense of this?


      Using Flex 4.5.1 (Spark only compile) I've found that the new Spark Image control works inconsistently when loading SWF at runtime and embedding SWF symbols. See these two situations:


      1) OK - Spark image loads a whole SWF in runtime. Swf loads OK and scales up to desired size with perfect smooth anti-aliased edges


      2) Not OK - Spark Image loads an embedded swf symbol as follows:


      <s:Image source="@Embed(source='embedded/GeneralSymbols.swf' , symbol = 'komodoDragon')"  x="250" y="35" height="200" />

      ( or using a bindable class )


      And the image is pixelated and totally unusable.


      It seems unfortunately that when embedding Swf Symbols ( which is a big element of the Adobe Flex - Flash - Illustrator workflow ) the "vector" images are reduced to bitmaps at their original size and don't scale.


      I know spark swfLoader is a possible option - but surely it's too heavy for loading many images?