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    Problematic InDesign CS5 Animation and exporting, any help?


      Hi there,


      I am an experienced InDesign user, and have recently started using CS5.

      I am using it to create a very simple flash website however I am encountering 2 problems.


      1. WHENEVER I have consecutive animations, such as a) Object 1, Fly in from top, followed by b) Object 2, fly in from bottom, object 2 appears momentarily in its final  location before doing its expected entry - right after object 1 has done its thing. Does that make sense?


      2. When exporting as a swf, then viewing in a browser, the page may come out correctly (with the exception of problem 1), except the space around the page is grey. I would love to make this white, anyone know how?


      This would be super easy if I could attach a swf but i cant for flips sake.


      Really hope to get this sorted, such annoying problems. Thanks muchly