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    Adobe Connect Training - User "In Progress" even once course is completed.


      I use Adobe Connect to provide online training to our customers.  I develop the presentation in PowerPoint with Adobe Presenter, and then upload the zip file to AC.  I then add this content into a Shared Training curriculum (turning it into courses).  I have many participants who have now completed several courses in a couple different curriculumns, and their status is showing "In Progress," even though they have clearly completed the course.  There are quizzes at the end of each course, and each person has a grade and has viewed all of the slides.


      What's weird is that a handful of people do show as "Passed" and have certificate numbers assigned to their names for certain courses.  There are 5 courses in one curriculum, no one has taken/passed all of the courses, and I have each course listed as "Required."  Someone please let me know if there is a fix to this.  I need to show the correct number of completed/passed participants in my reporting ... and manually overriding all of them is not really an option - too many participants.



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          I am currently having the same issue, the only difference is that I am publishing Captivate projects into Connect courses/curriculums.  The Captivate (v5) projects are basically a demo and I want the attendee to receive credit for viewing the demo after the demo window closes (the setting at the end of last slide).  I have tried to enable/disabe the Quiz reporting along with other settings with no luck.  After the demo closes I receive a pause icon and I want a green check mark.  Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you.