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    Need help on stopping playback

    genoism Level 1

      I have an ad banner in which I am certain I touched nothing that would affect the lack of looping in the file and lo and behold some elemnts loop even though in the actionscript it says to stop looping it....The trace says it played out the function to stop looping but it still does. I am not an actionscript pro but could anyone PLEASE possibly look at the file and tell me how to make sure EVERYTHING stops looping? The looping is causing google to prevent us from putting up the banners

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have stop() commands in all your timeline animations?  If you are using code to animate, what code is in place to make sure the animations do not repeat?

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            genoism Level 1

            I am using stop(); on the movie clips that repeat.


            My setup is like this:

            layer 2: has looping animations and is a movieclip

            layer 1: contains layer 2 so that it could loop for about ~25 seconds and then invokes the stop(); function....but the layer 2 animations don't stop. I even tried to stop each element individually....my code is this:

            in the first frame within a blank keyframe.


            if (!loopNum) {

            loopNum = 1;

            } else {




            then again right at the end a few frames before the last:










            This code is within another empty layer placed within a blank keyframe


            so the trace outputs yeah but the flowers don't sotp moving!

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              genoism Level 1

              oh and the only additional thing I can think of that caused this issue is that I made the containing layer of the looping animations into a graphic just so that I could see it play out. Then I changed it back to a movieclip....and I think thats when the issue started.....it used to work just fine before that. (I had to move some text from a sub layer to the stage because I was getting some sort of pixelshifting going on with the text and moving it to the stage fixed it....but then the looping issue cropped up.