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    CS5.5 HTML5 and getting MSSQL data


      I am a long time ASP developer and looking to get into HTML5 using Dreamweaver CS5.5 for Mobile apps. I am very excited to understand the mobile development features of CS5.5! I'm hoping somebody can point me into the right direction or explain what I'd need to do in order to do the following:


      1. Using HTML5 to create a mobile application within CS5.5 bundled for Android install (I understand this part)
      2. Query a MSSQL database on the web server we currently use for the client's normal (non-mobile) website
      3. Display the queried MSSQL data on the client's mobile Android app we created using HTML5


      In a nutshell, we are trying to create a mobile installable version of their website for Android and want to display the current data they are using from the database that runs their website. If they change a paragraph on their website through the database, their web app will show that same change, eliminating the need for double entry to maintain 2 different websites. How can this be done and by using what means?


      I look forward to hearing the responses!