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    Is Dynamic Link best approach toward building/integrating AE title sequences for PP TV Master?

    wilder2002mtw Level 1

      I’m attempting to create my first TV Pilot using Premiere Pro and After Effects using down converted 4k 29.97 -1080P 29.97 for the full screen portions which I have now roughly arranged in Premiere Pro. I would appreciate advice and any useful links toward, how should I best approach building the show’s title sequences???

      Reading comments about work flow here, I’m thinking I should start my title builds in After Effects in equivalent 4K 29.97 set up (still finding the AE setting for do this confusing?) then possibly creating  “a composition right in AE and then import it to PrPro project via Adobe Dynamic Link -> Import After Effects Composition...”

      Does this sound about right? Any tips/links would be greatly appreciated by this FCP user in transitioning over to PP/AE. I also have Mocha for AE but have yet to explore how to do three way work flows...Any links on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

      Thanks for your input guys. This forum has already proved so useful in making the FCP transition and learning these great new tools!


      M. Workman