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    On Hover Scroll?




      I am working on a personal portfolio at the moment and was wondering if the menu on the website below could be achieved in flash catalyst


      http://www.experiencetheplanets.com/ (click on "experience" and then notice the images at the bottom)


      I can see the images being arranged into a tiling datalist component that stretches across the viewer's screen. However, instead of including a horizontal scroll bar that the user has to move back and forth, is there a way to maybe turn the datalist itself into a scroll bar that is set to work on hover instead of on click/hold so users can still click on the individual data entries much like in the example above?


      I am inexperienced with flash builder so I'd like to stay from it if it is indeed possible to get this type of functionality within catalyst. Otherwise, if flash builder is the only way to accomplish this, I would appreciate any pointers on how to go about achieving it.