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    Adobe Reader X 10.1 Install Failing on XP SP3 and Windows 7 (64 bit)

    Sandy Martin Level 1

      After using the Customization Wizard 10 to create an .mst and executing the install via SCCM 2007 which I have done many times before, I am getting the following error on both the XP SP3 and Windows 7 (64 bit) machines in the Application Event Log:


      Product: Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) -- Error 2229.Database: . Could not load table 'ServiceInstall' in SQL query: SELECT `Name`,`DisplayName`,`ServiceType`,`StartType`,`ErrorControl`,`LoadOrderGroup`,`Dependenc ies`,`StartName`,`Password`,`ComponentId`,`Directory_`,`FileName`,`Arguments`,`Description ` FROM `ServiceInstall`, `Component`, `File` WHERE `ServiceInstall`.`Component_` = `Component`.`Component` AND (`Component`.`KeyPath` = `File`.`File`) AND (`Action` = 1 OR `Action` = 2).



      I used the following .msi to create the.mst:


      Does anyone know where to go from here?


      Thanks, Sandy