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    Can someone test this using Indesign server?

    xmlapi Level 1

      I'm currently using Indesign Desktop CS5 (7.0) and we will be transitioning to Indesign Server in a couple of months.


      My issue is that Smart Text Reflow does not work properly. It creates the extra pages for overset fine BUT it does not delete the placeholder pages if there is no overset. Instead, it will delete randomly (or when Indesign is idle). I need to find out if this bug happens in Indesign Server as well.


      If you run this script and view the PDF, if smart text flow delete worked.....you should not see any blank pages (all pages in this scenario should have the word "test"). If smart text flow delete failed, you should see blank pages.



      var document =app.documents.add();


      document.textPreferences.smartTextReflow = true;
      document.textPreferences.limitToMasterTextFrames = false;
      document.textPreferences.deleteEmptyPages = true;
      document.textPreferences.addPages = AddPageOptions.END_OF_DOCUMENT;


      for(var index = 0; index < 10; index++)
          var page = document.pages.add();
      var page2 = document.pages.add();
      var textFrame = page.textFrames.add();


      var nextTextFrame = page2.textFrames.add();


      textFrame.geometricBounds = [10, 10, 40,  40];
      nextTextFrame.geometricBounds = [10, 10,  40,  40];
      nextTextFrame.previousTextFrame = textFrame;


      textFrame.contents = "test";


      document.export(ExportFormat.pdfType,          "c:\\test.pdf");



      This script should work in Server (have not tested it), feel free to modify as needed (should be minimal or none).