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    AME CS5.5 hangs on "Reading XMP"

    tylerscott899 Community Member

      Been having this issue ever since I upgraded to 5.5...


      Finish a video in Premiere, export to AME, click the play/start encode. In the encode status, it gets to "Processing: Reading XMP" and simply hangs there indefinitely (hours). Clicking to stop/pause the encode doesn't actually stop it, only way to do anything is to force-quit AME. Then it won't re-open until a restart. Only way I can export my final video from Premiere is the direct export, which works well enough when it's a single video basis, but when I want to do a batch of exports, or continue editing something else while exporting, this completely puts me at a stand-still.


      Any idea what's with AME just stalling out on me here?


      Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 10.33.35 AM.png

      Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 10.36.17 AM.png

      Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 10.37.09 AM.png

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          Please tell us a bit about the PPRO sequence that you're exporting. Are any of the following in play?

          1. is GPU acceleration enabled?
          2. does the sequence contain one or more high resolution image sequences (at least 3600 x 2400)?
          3. are any motion effects applied?


          If so, then disabling GPU acceleration should get around a known bug.

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            tylerscott899 Community Member

            NO gpu acceleration

            NO high-res sequences (everything is 1920x1080)



            three video layers, simple cross dissolves, two audio layers (various simple crossfades)

            several AE-linked clips for stabilization, several clips slowed to 80%

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              eVatrik Community Member



              I am also encountering the very same problem..And are using GPU Acceleration

              Is this going to be fixed somehow?

              Would it help if I install newer drivers..?


              Thank you

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                Cozmicone Community Member

                I had the same problem with a project that was originally setup in CS5, which had no problems with exporting in that version, but is halting when I start the encoding in Media Encoder for CS5.5.


                I found that the problem was a few images that were really large. I was able to identify the images as Media Encoder created "new" jpg files in the directory with the images and gave them the prefix ._00_ in front of the file name. Resizing these images allowed the render to go through without any problems.

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                  Rallymax-forum Community Member

                  I develop AME plugins and have a hunch as to what's happening. (far to technical to elaborate on though)

                  Try exporting to another video type - does it do it still?

                  What video format is your source (AVCHD, MPEG, HDV, DV etc etc)?

                  Do you have Quicktime installed?

                  I have a suspicion that you have a piece of source footage that doesn't have the appropriate decoder. (Premiere and direct AME video decoding works _slightly_ differently)

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                    m6500 Community Member

                    Having the same issue. I never had this before with CS5, 4, 3.....

                    We need to encode 274 video for next week!!! (1 TB) I think we are in serous trouble. Impossible to encode with AME


                    I will try to find the problem tonight and let you know...

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                      LTJost Community Member

                      I also have this problem, it is a rather significant defect in the software that makes the normal production flow unusable.  I depend on a lot of high resolution stills in making sports and other videos, where I pan and zoom photos to leverage different portions of the image.  Using low res photos is not a real option, it drives video quality degradation.  A fix would be great, since it used to work in CS4.

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                        Keith Moreau Community Member

                        I also have this problem, which seemed to start with CS 5.5, AME 5.5 or 5.5.1. I'm on Mac OS 10.7.2, and it seems to happen 25%-50% of the time.


                        When it gets into this state AME cannot be quit, it has to be force quit. Rebooting the Mac will temporarily cure it until the next time it happens, which is often.


                        It doesn't happen with exporting directly from Premiere Pro CS 5.5.2. I usually am using AME 5.5.1 to encode H.264 for Vimeo or Youtube, either SD or HD quality. This is a siginficant problem and I'm wondering if there is a way to reset something to clear something out for AME to stop from hanging.

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                          richardtknight Community Member

                          Also now having the same issue with Media Encoder not start, just reading XMP file.....5.5.2


                          And updates on this issue ??

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                            Dima Tikhonov Adobe Employee

                            Try restarting AME and make sure that dynamiclinkmanager process dies with it. If not, Quit that process through Activity Monitor.

                            I've seen this issue in the past and for me it was due to dynamiclinkmanager not exiting.

                            As noted above, it could also happen if you have some weird source in your sequence.

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                              haknudsenwth Community Member

                              Has there been any resolution to this?  I have even turned off "Write XMP ID Files on Import" and everything else in the Metadata preferences and still lockup on Reading XMP, pretty much every time it gets to the 2nd video in the queue.  It has never made it through an entire queue that was longer than 1 video.  Set 5 videos to render friday with the hope they would be done over the weekend.  It rendered the 1st one and was stuck the entire weekend.


                              Here is my system-

                              CS 5.5.2 (MC: 258762)

                              Windows 7 64-bit)

                              Intel Core i7-2600 3.4 GHz

                              Video Card - Nvidia Quadro 2000 by PNY

                              Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration

                              8 GB Ram

                              No 3rd party plugins

                              All recent updates installed.

                              latest Nvida driver installed (april 3rd)

                              Use dual monitors

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                                DaveTrayers Community Member

                                I just downloaded and installed CS6 and I'm having the same problem.  I have a queue of 9 short clips.  They are all from the same sequence, just different portions of it, high and low resolution H.264 export files.  AME will do the first just fine, but then stalls at the next with the above symptoms.  I stop the queue, save it, quit, re-open AME, reset the status of the stopped clip (the successful one is gone), and AME will begin with the clip it had previously hung up on.  When it's finished with that, it hangs on the next.  Basically, I'm exporting one clip at a time; the queue doesn't work at the moment.


                                The source files are 720p60 MXF files from a Canon XF-100 camera. I'm running Windows 7. I have Mercury Playback Engine enabled. Core i7 with 8GB RAM.

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                                  Dima Tikhonov Adobe Employee


                                  Thank you for reporting this problem.

                                  Any chance you could share your files with me? I can give you an ftp location.

                                  I haven't seen this bug in a very long time and want to make sure it gets fixed quickly.

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                                    DaveTrayers Community Member

                                    I would be happy to share them with you.  However, I ran into some problems.  The files we're on an external drive and I had shut down and disconnected the drive.  Even though the computer was OFF when I disconnected, when I reconnected it Windows wanted to scan the drive and like an idiot I said OK.  The project file, and other supporting files are all reporting zero (0) bytes.  The only thing still there is the MXF video files.  Even the exported files I had made one by one are at zero bytes. 


                                    So I'm in the process of re-creating the project.  I'm starting over from scratch with a different drive for the raw video files.  I'll re-create the sequence, make my edits and I'm going to try to export with AME again.


                                    So what would you like?  The original MXF files?  Or would you like me to finish re-creating the project and see if I run into the same issues?


                                    One thing I'm trying different this time is I went into the Media Preferences and I unchecked the two boxes relating to XMP data. I'm seeing if that will make a difference.

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                                      Dima Tikhonov Adobe Employee

                                      Sorry about your drive but it's great that you still have the source footage.

                                      Having the whole project would be ideal. I will message you the FTP server info tomorrow.

                                      We really appreciate your help with this.

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                                        trajoj Community Member

                                        I am getting the same issues  I tried the method to delete C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\5.5

                                        and it still doesn't fix it. i


                                        I'm on a PC, Windows 7, 64bit, i7 Processor, 16gb ram, and I've never had issues before.


                                        I just logged up a bunch of clips and went to bed, when I woke up it was stuck "reading XMP" with no hopes of getting out of it. I then skipped the file and then the next file is giving me the same endless "processing: Reading XMP" status. Except now it's frozen.


                                        I've restarted my computer and reloaded the que - still frozen.


                                        When I did the delete APPDATA method, PP couldn't export to AME anymore! HELP!

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                                          DaveTrayers Community Member

                                          Try unchecking the "Write XMP ID to files"  in the Preferences -> General for AME, and also in PPr uncheck "Write XMP ID" and "Enable Clip and XMP Metadata Linking" in Preferencecs -> Media.


                                          It worked for me.

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                                            trajoj Community Member

                                            I've got it working like it was last night (it had a small que of about 5 videos). I'm scared to load it up and go to bed in fear I'll lose everything and have to re-export each clip (1 at a time). I'll have to try it though since I have a ton of stuff to export tonight!

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                                              trajoj Community Member

                                              Last night I changed those XMP settings to what you suggested and it seemed to be working fine, but then I woke up this morning, same error!


                                              This time I close and restart it, rename that folder, restart my computer, and it still won't export!

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                                                Pmygind Community Member

                                                I think I solved the problem... At least on my own computer


                                                When I chose not to render the audio, it worked  perfectly.. No hanging on the XML-thing.


                                                I had a project with  audio from the cam (48KHz) and audio from an external recorder (44.1). The project was 48....I only used the 44.1 file in the project, by the way. Because I used multicam, there was no easy way, to convert the project, so I dragged the audiofile(s) into AME and rendered it out as 48KHz and replaced it in premiere. And it worked!


                                                Hopefully I will think about the different recording formats in the future and hope my problem is solved for good!

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                                                  hsredna Community Member

                                                  Same for me. None of the other suggestions worked, but turning off audio solved it.

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                                                    guillermoepd Community Member

                                                    I solved it, with Pmygind comment, would be great if premiere show a advice about this problem/incompatibility with the sample rate

                                                    I was using CS6 suite (Premiere 6.0.3).


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                                                      h2ofun Community Member

                                                      So, how are you folks chosing to not render the audio?  I just started having the same issue.

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                                                        daxmacrog Community Member

                                                        Having the exact same problem with AME CC (Mac OS 10.8.4). Hangs indefinitely and no way to cancel except to Force Quit. My sequence does not contain any still images.

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                                                          webbwork Community Member

                                                          I'm having the same problem with a fully up-to-date fresh install of CC on a Mac 2x2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Zeon with 12GB RAM running 10.8.4.


                                                          Passing from AECC

                                                          "Reading XMP" hang hang hang. I even turned off all metadata options and made an "all off" metadata output preset. Not cool. This is with any composition (even just AE solids) and any image sequence output template. Works fine from AE's Render Queue.


                                                          I've tried all of the "solutions" mentioned here.