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    Here is my rig, what do I buy for it next?

    Adamousman Level 1

      Hi All,


      I love this forum!  You have helped me to get the rig I have today which has worked great so far, but I'm looking to better it.  Here's what I have:


      Case:  Haf 932

      MOBO: Asus Sabertooth X58

      CPU:  i7 950 @ 3.0ghz (w/ Arctic Cooling Freezer 7)

      GPU: EVGA GTX 470

      RAM: 3 X 4 GB Corsair 1600mhz

      PSU: Corsair 850 Watt

      HDDs: OS (300gb Raptor) Media (1 TB Samsung F3) Projects/Renders/Cache (1 TB Samsung F3)



      I am running CS4 currently.  Upgrading is out of the question for me right now, but I know its important and will do so when I can.


      As far as equipment goes, I was thinking of buying two more Samsung F3's to put in a RAID 0, that way I would effectively have 4 separate drive locations.  Then I was gonna buy another set of 12GBs of Ram (only costs ~$130.. might as well).


      Anything else I'm overlooking?  Thank you much.