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    PDF attachment size is different




      If i send a PDF document as attachment using Adobe Reader X , the file size of the PDF attachment in Outlook 2003 is 4KB


      However if I get the same PDF file and drag it into a blank email and send it, the PDF attachment size in Outlook 2003 is 7KB


      This issue is casuing big issues, becuase the attachments i'm sending using the below script are not being detected by a document scanner i.e. PDF attachments sent from Adobe Reader , either by script or using File > Attach to email are not being detected by the doc scanner.However the same PDF attachments dropped into Outlook email are being pickup up by the doc scanner.


      it appears the maildoc method is doing something to the attachment or formatting the email differently.


      Can anyone advise if Adobe Reader X have some stupid setting that is converting the PDF before is it being sent?






      function Sendemail() {
      var dialogTitle = "Enter Number";
      var defaultAnswer = "";
      var criteria = /^\d{6}$/;
      var reply = app.response("Please enter 6digit", dialogTitle, defaultAnswer);
      while (reply!=null && (!criteria.test(reply))) {
              // Alert the user something's wrong
              app.alert("job number must be 6 digits. Please try again", 6);
           reply = app.response("Enter a 6-digits number");
      if (reply==null) return false;
      var dialogTitle = "Description";
      var defaultAnswer = "";
      var criteria2 = /^.{1,16}$/;
      //var criteria2 = /^\d{6}$/;
      var reply2 = app.response("Enter brief description ", dialogTitle, defaultAnswer);
      reply2=reply2.split(' ').join('')
      while (reply2!=null && (!criteria2.test(reply2))) {
               // Alert the user something's wrong
               app.alert("16 charaters max. Please try again");
           // prompt the user again
           reply2 = app.response("6 charaters max. Please try again");
      if (reply2==null) return false;
      // var myPath = "/c/windows/temp/EDOC.PDF";
      var mySubject = "~~20~~" + reply + "~~1223456~~" + reply2 + ".PDF";
      // var myDoc = event.target;
      //myDoc = app.openDoc(myPath);
      this.mailDoc(false, "edocs@test.com", "", "",mySubject);
      //return myDoc;