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    Keep pictures links when converting pdf




      I have installed Acrobat Reader Pro (trial version) to use with Word 2007 on my computer (Windows xp).

      On the Word file, I have a lot of links on pictures. When I click on one, it drives me on a title further in the file.


      After converted this file in pdf with the Acrobat Reader Pro plugin in Word 2007, only one link is always running. 90% of others have dissappeared and the others have changed their destination.


      I really do not have any idea to soluce that because I do not know what is the problem. I have also links on some words on this file and all works perfectly.


      Is there someone to help me, please? I have looked over a lot of forums but I have not found nothing.



      (Please do not care about my faults, I am french and I do not use to use english language.)