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    Can't type in PANTONE + 581 into swatch maker CS5


      Just try and create a swatch for Pantone Plus 581 - lol - good luck!


      Here's what happens:


      Open swatch maker and choose the Pantone + Solid Coated Library


      Type in a 5 into the box and it automatically populates the field to 510


      You delete the 10 of 510 and type an 8 and it automatically populates the number to be 580


      So you think you are just one number away, so you scroll up one number and its not 581, it's....378! (because Pantone + numbers aren't in numerical order)


      So you highlight the 0 in 580 and type in a 1... and it populates the field to 5815!


      You move your cursor past the last 5 and hit the DELETE key and ....nothing happens.


      I guess you just can't get there. Thanks Indesign, Thanks Pantone for making designers lives hell.