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    ReaderX, WinXP SP3, Protected Mode for Admins




      We are having an issue running Reader X on Windows XP SP3 ***IF*** the Windows user is a member of the Local Admin group, it will not open in protected mode. **IF** the Windows user is a member of the local user group, Reader will open in protected mode. This happens whether we try to open PDF for just the application.


      I reviewed the link provided with the Protected mode window, and the only item I could find that fit my situation was the fact that I had Symantec's Endpoint Protection (SEP) installed. We were at a lower version than was stated so we upgraded. That seemed to resolve it for a Windows User but not a Windows Admin.


      I entered case with Symantec, but we determined it wasn't a Symantec issue, since after uninstalling SEP the error can be replicated.


      Any comments or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Luckly 99% of our users belong to the Local Windows User group.


      Is this working by design?


      Thanks Amy

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