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    stage video capability in flex mobile - the whole truth

    gitafanatic Level 1

      I am finding it confusing to work out the capabilities of different types of Flex. So I have been trying throught trial and error. Hopefully forum members can shed light on this


      In flex mobile apps you can access actionscript. Actionscript contains the stage video classes. Does that mean we can use stage video in a flex mobile app by using the actionscript?


      In an Air app we can access actionscript - does that mean we can do the same in Air.


      I hear stage video is only available for GoogleTv and other tv applications, but is that news out of date, seeing stage video classes are available in actionscript?

      I managed to get stage video working in a Flex "Actionscript" project (on the web, but not on my desktop) - yippee-yai-yo.


      But tried and failed to get it working inside a Flex "Flex" projext, or a Flex "Air" project. Is that because I don't know what I am doing, or because it is not possible?


      Also "IF" Stage Video can work in a pure Actionscript project, which it seems to be able to, does that mean I can use it in a mobile actionscript project and use it across android, iphone, blackberry. Or not...


      All help gratefully received, thank you.