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    Windows Experience Index Drive Rating 5.9

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Windows 7 has the performance index showing the primary hard drive "data transfer rate" score of 5.9, while everything else is 7.6 and above. It's a brand new Seagate Barracuda 1TB, SATA II 7200 rpm 32 MB cache. Used space is 113 GB of 1 TB. There are probably faster drives out there, but is this something I should be concerned about?


      Also, the Intel Rapid Storage Manager shows my system drive as "Not a system drive" while it shows one of my storage drives as "system drive." Not sure if that causes problems, nor do I see any way to change that setting.


      I am anxious to try try the benchmark, but I think I need to fix all of these issues first. As of now, this new system doesn't seem too impressive to me. Nor is it much faster than the 3 year-old pc it replaced.




      Intel Core i7-2600k                  

      ASUS P8P67 Pro B3               

      ASUS GTX 570 Graphics          

      4 x 4 GB RAM DDR3 Kingston      1600 HyperX T1

      850W Pwr Supply Thermaltake

      2 x 2TB Barracuda XT SATA III   1 for Captured media, and 1 for cache, pagefile, previews

      2TB G RAID                      for Storage

      2 x 1.5TB SATA I  RAID 0        My old drives

      2TB iOmega StorCenter Ix2 NAS   for backups and finished work

      1 Barracuda 1TB SATA II         for System OS

      InWin BUC Chassis               slots for 5 drives - 4 of them hot-swap

      Windows 7 Ultimate            

      Matrox MX02 mini              

      Production Premium CS5.5