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    InDesign says file still open when it is not

    cathykimball Level 1

      I have experienced this poblem in InDesign CS4 & 5. It seems worse in CS5. When I finish with project I am working on and close out then I want to move the folder, rename it or delete it. I am unable to do this because the error message says there is still a file open even though there is not. I have closed out of InDesign and any programs where I have been working on linked files and still I get the file is still open message. I have even rebooted the computer and still receive that message when I try to move, rename or delete the folder or file. The only thing that seems to work is to leave the computer off overnight. By morning the files have somehow been released to let me do as I want to them.


      I am currently work in with InDesign CS5 on Windows 7 platform. However I experienced the same issue (to a lesser degree) when using InDesign CS4 on Windows XP.


      Have others experienced this problem? If so is there anything I can do fix it. It is getting very annoying.