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    IDML Coordinate Spaces != DOM coordinate spaces?


      Given IDML for a rectangle,


      <Rectangle Self="ucf" StoryTitle="$ID/" ContentType="GraphicType" FillColor="Color/Black" GradientFillStart="0 0" GradientFillLength="0" GradientFillAngle="0" GradientStrokeStart="0 0"   GradientStrokeLength="0" GradientStrokeAngle="0" ItemLayer="ub6" Locked="false" GradientFillHiliteLength="0" GradientFillHiliteAngle="0" GradientStrokeHiliteLength="0"   GradientStrokeHiliteAngle="0" AppliedObjectStyle="ObjectStyle/$ID/[None]" ItemTransform="1 0 0 1 -369.9 -77">
            <GeometryPathType PathOpen="false">
                <PathPointType Anchor="99.9 -283" LeftDirection="99.9 -283" RightDirection="99.9 -283"/>
                <PathPointType Anchor="99.9 -175" LeftDirection="99.9 -175" RightDirection="99.9 -175"/>
                <PathPointType Anchor="171.9 -175" LeftDirection="171.9 -175" RightDirection="171.9 -175"/>
                <PathPointType Anchor="171.9 -283" LeftDirection="171.9 -283" RightDirection="171.9 -283"/>


      One would expect that:

      doc.rectangles[0].paths[0].pathPoints[0].anchor would be [99.9, -283]


      But it's not, and I can't figure out why.


      What I'm seeing instead is an anchor array of number: [36,36]


      Is the IDML measuring from a different origin point? If so, how might I go about fetching the same values IDML shows when I query my document via javascript (doc.rectangles[0], etc etc) -- Am I even looking at the correct properties? Please help. Thanks!