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    Resize Images

    DilbertIsMyHero Level 1

      I have a FlashHelp project with approximately 3400 images and 1100 htm files. Out of the 3400 image files, I am wanting to resize the height and width of about half of them. This act would affect about half of the htm files also.

      I can pull the image files into PhotoShop and resize them. However, I am also needing to change the dimensions inside the htm files.

      I have two questions ...

      1 -- After resizing the images, will RH automatically pick up the latest image file?
      2 -- What is the easiest way to change the image dimensions inside each htm file?

      Thanks in advance for any advice.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If you resize the images that are in the RH source folder(s), then it will pick them up and that is your problem. It will pick them and then show them at the old dimensions thus distorting them horribly.

          If the images are a standard size or a limited number of sizes, then using a multi line find and replace tool such as FAR or ReplaceEm can help you. Look at the code and you will see what needs to change.

          If you have some images that are X by Y that need to change and some that are X by Y and do not need to change, you have another factor to allow for.

          You sure you want to change them? :-)

          Back up your project before playing around, just in case.