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    CS5.5 bug? Images not exporting to epub


      I am attempting to create an epub for a book with about 140 pages and 50 images. (I am starting slowly, trying to get the first chapter to work properly first.)


      I have followed the instructions from a Lynda.com course: InDesign CS5 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad section 3: Using XML tags to manage content


      When I move my tagged images within a story between body tags. The images DO NOT export to epub. When I move the tagged images to the same level as the story tags, the images DO export to epub.


      I have tried this on the course files from the lynda.com lesson and have the same problems. I think I am following the exact same flow of work as I see in the video, and I am not getting the same results. The images within the story tags do not get exported to epub. When the images are placed at the same level as the story tags, the images are successfully exported to epub.


      I think there is a problem within InDesign. I have checked for updates, my system is up-to-date. I have checked the xhtml with the W3C online Markup Validation Service and it is valid with no errors. I have checked the topics in this forum and have not seen this problem from anyone else's posts.


      Any suggestions for something I may be doing wrong?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you're trying to use XML Structure to set export order. This was required in InDesign CS5.


          However, a much easier method is available in InDesign CS5.5 (not included in the video because Anne-Marie has not recorded it yet). That is to use the Articles panel.


          Either refer to my posting on InDesignSecrets.com:


          EPUB Basics in CS5.5: The Articles Panel


          Or this videocast:




          I don't find using XML structure in any way intuitive.

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            Clara.Johnson Level 1

            Thanks for your response Steve, I've checked out your posting on InDesignSecrets.com and the videocast (and a few others on the website), so I see a workaround for my problem, but I'm not completely satisfied with it.


            You are right, I am using the XML Structure to set export order, I have a programing background, so I am very comfortable with XML.


            I have tried using the Articles panel to set export order, as you suggested, and I can see the same issue will come up that I'm experiencing with the XML Structure.


            I am working with a book with about 140 pages, in 10 chapters, with about 50 images. I want the images to be inserted below the paragraphs that reference them. For example, when a paragraph says "see image 3" I want image 3 to be underneath the paragraph in the ebook. Using the Articles panel I would have to break each chapter into many articles so I could insert the image between paragraphs. I don't see how I could insert the images into the text without breaking the text up.


            This is why the video on lynda.com looked like a great idea - manually positioning the images above or below paragraphs inside a "story" was a simple drag and drop action.


            Cutting up the chapter into smaller stories or articles makes the task much longer - and leaves room for many more errors. And I was hoping to avoid having to create a second book - I don't really want to do a separate set of print book files and epub book files especially because the author keeps changing the content of the various chapters - doubling the time I will need to spend!

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you tried anchoring the images where you want in the text. It's much easier in InDesign CS5.5.


              Here's a tutorial:




              And here are links to Colin Fleming's great Adobe TV series of creating EPUB in 5.5:



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                Clara.Johnson Level 1

                Anchoring the images in the text works! When I export to epub the images are right where I want them. (I have to move the images around a bit for the print layout to get the anchors to attach where I want them, but I can live with that!)


                Thank you Steve - this makes the work a lot easier!