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    Radio button data to php form

    binx4life Level 1
      I set up a survey, and I need the info from the radio button groups to send to a php form that will email me the results. So far I have not been able to get it to work. All I have so far is the code below attached to the submit button. I had a working contact form that I am trying to add radio buttons to, but they do not pass their info like the input text boxs do. I am a beginner with actionscript so I am having trouble finding where to get this to work. I have all my peramiters set on each radio button too. I just do not know what script to add to what I have so it will pass the data over to the php form.

      I have the survey as one MC which is inside a scroll pane if that matters. What I have so far can be seen here. http://ebinx.com/carrand/freestuffswf.swf