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    macbook pro; error message:


      cant bring in any books. the titles appear and everything else blank except no. of pages etc.error:  E_PKG_encryption_xml_syntax".  and also :" document appears to have minor errors that might cause it to be displayed incorrectly".      In the library import; i cant highlight "books" or "purchases" that i know are in my  itunes (synced from my ipad).none of my books that my ipad and macbook share show up when in the library import mode . cant drag and drop, cant read the two blank books i somehow brought in (documents :epub-whatever?)  Had tried stanza and blew it out ,seemed to be the same problem?! thanks, goslowlowe   <><  almost ready to go back to my 12 yr old windows laptop

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Books purchased from iBooks (with Apple DRM) can only be viewed in iBooks

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            goslowlowe Level 1

            i think they were bought from amazon not apple, but when i sync with the ipad the books go into itunes and become impregnable ! ive installed kindle as well ,which works great but still wont bring in these other purchases.I havent bought anything from either itunes or ibooks. but  even if you buy from itunes/ibook the macbook wont open or read them like the ipad does  ,right? pretty complicated crap for a high tech laptop thats supposedly the best.

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              goslowlowe Level 1

              under the info header for one book in Digital Editions reads:      error:  "document contains a resource that is too long "   !

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                Umm...  I think you missed Jim Lester's point:  "Books purchased from iBooks

                (with Apple DRM) can only be viewed in iBooks".


                So, if that's the source for your ebooks, you'll have to use iBooks to read

                them, not ADE.



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                  goslowlowe Level 1

                  I'm definitely missing something !  I haven't purchased any ibooks ever. books purchased from amazon work very nice in ibooks on IPAD only. when synced to my macbook they are worthless and unreadable. Books purchased from / through Kindle also work great and are synced perfectly to the macbook.  Question 1: can books purchased elsewhere be put on kindle ? i legally bought them and should be able to have them where i want !  Books bought USING the ipad (from amazon) went into Ibooks,which purposely does not allow them to be read on a macbook.Another forum poster stated he reads his ibook on his mac using Adobe Digital Editions. This forum says : nope ,cant do it . i certainly CANNOT and posted the error messages that i got. Question 2 : After downloading Adobe Digital Editions ,shouldn't i be able to read any book on my macbook (that was synced into itunes from my ipad ) ? see my error messages      Question 3 : If not ,how  can i get them into Kindle where they work perfectly on any device i've owned ? Thank you . Rhetorical question for Apple marketing:  why buy anything where its use is limited and won't sync with even your own ( expensive) products 



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                    Jim_Lester Level 4

                    I think you are getting very confused.  Amazon does not sell epub files (they use a different format).   So if it is an epub file that you are synching from your iPad via iTunes, then you most likely purchased it in iBooks.


                    If it is indeed content that you purchased from Amazon, you should download the Amazon Kindle app for MacOS, and then you don't have to worry about synching (it will take care of it for you).