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    Premiere plays the wrong in and out points when clip on timeline


      Hello there,

      This is my first stab at actually writing a post and not just googling for one, as I couldnt find any solution to this maddening situation.


      I have a short movie shot on 5D mark II and already edited on preimere cs5 and ready to go to grading but, all of a sudden there is this one source clip (I'll call it Clip A) which wont play nice on the timeline with the following behaviour:

      - When viewing Clip A in the source monitor it plays fine

      - I set in and out points and drag Clip A to the master timeline

      - when previewing master timeline, the sound of the Clip A plays currectly (with regard to my in/out points) but the video is out of sync (really out of sync, it plays a few seconds forward).

      Any in/out points I choose from this clip will behave the same and its a really good take I use quite often.


      The clip is a nested sequence with sound recorded on external device and synced in PProCS5

      - I tried to reimport this clip  but that doesnt help

      - Tried to use the original clip (not the nested sequence) but that doesnt help (behaves the same)


      I noticed I have a similar behaviour with a certain jpg. I imported a jpeg001 and used it in the timeline. Then I imported jpeg002 but it shows jpeg001's image not jpeg002 (even though the two files are in my project assets with different names). I had to open jpeg002 in PS and save it a psd file to use it properly in PProCS5.


      Any idea why would this behaviour occur and how to solve it? I'm dying to publish this short



      only thing I've done before this behaviour started was install cs5.5 trial (but not using it yet) can that be a factor?