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    Form Filling Consuming time after Dynamic Barcode Implementation

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      I am using Paper Forms Barcode to implement dynamic barcoding feature for my LiveCycle developed pdf. I have a requirement of tagging more than 40 data fields to my dynamic barcode. I am applying Reader Extensions for dynamic barcode to work fine. After applying all this, the form responds very slowly every time I fill one field. Whenever I move to another field, the dynamic barcode renders/ refreshes. This is consuming a lot of time. I'm taking nearly 10 minutes to fill a simple form. Can anyone suggest me a solution? Is there any setting available to resolve this?



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          leesutton Level 3

          The best thing you can do is cut and paste the code from the Calculate event of your barcode over to the pre-print event. Just before existing the calculate event though, add some /**/ remarks to ensure the automatically generated code is not just posted again.


          While this won't give you barcodes that change in real time, it will ensure the barcode values change before the form is printed which is all you really need.


          Lastly, add this.rawValue = " "; to the initial value of the barcode so you don't see a blank space on your form.