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    MAC OS 10.6.8


      Is Reader 10 the version for Mac version 10.6.8?


      Is there anything special that I need to do like I did not do with Flash and because I was not told to follow the Adobe Instructions my MacBook Pro needed some major work to get it working right. I realize most people can just install the latest version of Flash, but some people like me if you do not follow the Instructions here http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/865/cpsid_86551.html#ostype=m,prob1=uninst,os=m10.6, some people run into some major issues.


      Now with Reader, are there any special instructions like there is for Flash or do I just download and install?  With Mac OS 10.6.8, will Reader 10 work even know it does not say it is for 10.6.8?/