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    Unmapped character codes handling in Adobe Reader



      Well known encodings like WinAnsiEncoding/StandardEncoding have some unmapped character codes. For eg., in WinAnsiEncoding character codes less than 0x20 are not mapped to any character. If such unmapped character codes are used within a text run, what is the expected behavior? Is it defined anywhere in the PDF Specification? If so, could you please point me to the section?

      Adobe Reader's behavior seems to be a bit strange - when the font stream is embedded and the character code 0x09 is used within a text run, and the encoding is specified as WinAnsiEncoding:

      - If the font stream is embedded, the .notdef glyph is shown

      -  If the font stream is not embedded, then nothing is printed. It is not a space character. However, it is not as if nothing is getting rendered, as the text run is shifted by some character's width.


      Can someone explain this behavior?