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    Question about Components,ViewStacks and Modules.

    Shailen TJ Level 1

      Basically, I am not sure when to use these. What I learnt from Google is that Modules are loaded whenever a user clicks on a button that would load data from a particular module. This is something that would be useful, because I would then reduce the time my application takes to load.


      I have a main MXML application under src/(defaultpackage) and I have attempted to organise my application my creating modules.

      Two sample modules are: People.mxml and Departments.mxml.


      In the main.mxml, I have two buttons labelled People and Departments respectively. When I click on the button People, I want the module People.mxml to be loaded and its screen rendered in the initial main.mxml screen. This means that the two buttons remain.


      In HTML jargon, I would basically open an html page in a target area of my main.html page.


      How do I implement this?