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    CS4 Times (T1) being added all of sudden to all InDesign doc's

    NTC Ann Level 1

      Hi. All of a sudden, when I open previous documents (all of them), Times (T1) is being added to them all and it says it is missing. My default font for all documents and what I normally use = is Times OTF, not Times (T1). I am not using character or paragraph styles at all. In fact, it's not been put into any document or preference at all. I did notice that when I went to check character style, that my Times OTF is all of a sudden missing which is why I think it is trying to put Times (T1) in there even though there is no Times (T1). Thank you for any help.

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          There could be a long discussion as to how many ID users actually use paragraph styles.  It sounds like you do not, that's not a problem; but this could be the case.


          Every document has Basic Paragraph as a style. Possibly, if you long ago set the default font to Times OTF, but had Times T1 installed on the system, every document could have had the default Basic Style set to Times T1, and you never had a need to notice. This scenerio assumes Times T1 was installed previous to the missing font errors and would have started by Times T1 being removed from the system or the documents moved to a system without Times T1.


          Have you removed fonts or started working on a different computer?