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    Issues with still images

    NicolaskORUS Level 1

      Hi there,

      I am having issues with still images in Adobe CS5.

      The thumbnail preview in the Project window, the thumbnail preview in the timeline, the source monitor view and the project monitor do not always show the same picture. It seems like Premiere mistakes a picture with another one. I have tried to remove and re-import the files, but still having the same issue.


      Let me explain it clearly: I use 2 pictures, say picture A and picture B.

      The preview (project window), the source (source monitor) and the project monitor all show picture A when I select either Picture A or B. The thumbnail in the timeline shows picture B for both files...


      Am I the only one with this issue ? I've tried to look for people with a similar experience, but I have not found anything...

      Thanks for your help.