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    RH9 and Visio Error

    namedujour Level 1

      I created a flow chart in Visio, and saved it as an html file. I imported that file into RH9, and got an error message when I tried to view it. This error displays even after I close Visio. I verfied that the file is not displaying in the browser.



      When you click OK, you get this:




      When you click Finish, the dialog closes. If you click New Topic, you create a new empty topic with that name as the topic title - the flowchart isn't in the topic. If you attempt to view the original flowchart, the sequence begins again. I have no idea what the second dialog is for, but so far it hasn't done anything useful.


      I could save the flowchart as a PDF, but I was hoping to create hotspots on the chart to link to topics. Is this not do-able?