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    cs2 premium - Middle Eastern version- InDesign and reverse hebrew - windows vista

    menashemo Level 1

      i have cs2 and after installing the package, i have a very strange problem

      in indesign, when i want to write text in hebrew, i get the word reversed, so for example(in english now) if i write in hebrew: moshe, i get ehsom (reversed word)

      the example is in english, but the english is fine. i did it in english so you will understand what i get in hebrew.

      CS2 is installed on windows Vista


      also i installed illustrator(part of the CS2 package) and there, there is no problem at all!.

      the hebrew works great.

      no reversed words.


      i dont know what to do and how to solve this problem.

      i tried to uninstall CS2, and then reinstalling it again, but the problem stays.

      how can i fix this problem?

      thanks for your help!