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    Cp5 very slow to import even tiny SWF files

    MarkBPP Level 1

      I am using Captivate 5.0.2 on 64-bit Windows 7


      All was fine until recently, having not used Cp5 for a few weeks, I fired it up and tried importing a SWF file to a slide (a tiny SWF file that had been imported before with no problem, i.e. AS3, nothing fancy just text and images and a bit of animation). However, this time Captivate decided it's going to take an age to import it (2-3 minutes). Captivate says it's not responding, and the window gets greyed/faded out. Eventually it comes back to life and all is well. But it IS very, very annoying when you have several SWFs to import.


      This is not limited to the one SWF file, it's every SWF file or widget (even the ones that come with Cp5) that I try to import (even a simple SWF with nothing in it), so it's definitely not the SWF itself causing this.


      Things I have tried:

           - Clearing Captivate cache

           - Deleting preferences in \Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe

           - Uninstalling and re-installing


      Nothing has worked.


      Several of my colleagues have identical machines and the same version of Captivate and everything is fine for them.