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    How many slides in one file ?

      I have a file with about 389 slides in it and it is hardly workable. I see the slides on the left side (Edit bar), I see the Timeline for the slides, but by many slides I see only a white window instead of the actual slide and I cannot edit them.
      So my question is `How many slides are usually in one cp file ? Are about 400 slides too much or do I have another problem ?
      Thanks for your help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi gnetzer

          I personally believe the "magic number" is anywhere from 50-65 slides.

          However, as with anything, the actual number will vary and will depend on what exactly you are doing with your movie. For example, you might be able to get away with as many as 100 slides if your movie is pretty simple, having only text captions and no audio. And you might also discover that a movie with only 50 slides is really too large if it is crammed with tons of objects and lots of audio.

          I also believe that the number somewhat depends on the actual dimensions of your movie. For example, if your movie is sized at 640x480, you can probably get away with using more slides than you can if your movie is 1024x768.

          Sorry, there simply are no hard concrete rules here. Just guidelines and gut feeling.

          Cheers... Rick
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            DilbertG Adobe Employee
            I agree with Rick. Along with the factors which Rick has mentioned, the other things which may matter are Full motion recording slides, and SWF animations.

            I have seen projects with 400+ slides working fine, and also 100+ slides having some problems.

            But in any case it is always advisable to divide your projects into logical parts and then create multiple captivate projects for each part. Large projects will yield to large SWF outputs also.