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    Can't play live audio (or video) mobile using 4.5.1

    StardusterII Level 1

      I'm trying to play a live audio stream in a mobile project and cannot get it to work.


      Can someone point me to the best way to play live audio from an rtmp stream in Flash Builder 4.5.1?  I've tried VideoPlayer, VideoDisplay, Sound object, used a netStream and can't get anything to work.  I've tested the stream with a Flex 3 project and can hear the audio there fine.  I'd like to do video later, but I need the audio to work first.


      Here's just some pieces of what I've tried:


           ins = new NetStream(inc);
           var nspo:NetStreamPlayOptions = new NetStreamPlayOptions();
           nspo.streamName = rtmpSession;

           videoInstructor.source =rtmpPath + "/" + rtmpSession;

           videoInstructorHost.host = rtmpPath;
           videoInstructorStreamName.streamName = rtmpSession;


      <s:VideoDisplay id="videoInstructor" left="10" right="10" bottom="10" height="331" source="" autoPlay="true"/>

      <s:DynamicStreamingVideoSource id="videoInstructorHost" host="" streamType="live">
        <s:DynamicStreamingVideoItem id="videoInstructorStreamName" streamName="" />

      <s:VideoDisplay id="videoInstructor" left="10" right="10" bottom="10" height="331" source="{videoInstructorHost}" autoPlay="true"/>

      Any information would be very much appreciated.