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    Bookmarks issue


      Hi. I'm using bookmarks in InDesign, they work just fine within my ID file (they test fine, jumpt to the correct pages, etc), however when I PDF the file there are many bookmarks that jump to the wrong page (even though they tested just fine within the ID file). I do have the correct boxes checks (create PDF bookmarks), etc. Any thoughts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          Ange Lees

          I'm having the same issue with my Interactive PDF. I'm using Indesign CS5.5 on PC.


          I have 81 bookmarks in my Indesign document, but in the interactive PDF 3 of the bookmarks do not go to the correct page, even though the settings are correct in Indesign.

          When I go and delete the 3 that aren't working and recreate them, they are fixed, but another 3 are now broken. So I deleted and recreated them and they were fixed but the original 3 were broken again.


          Is there a limit of 78 bookmarks allowed in a document? Can I change this somewhere?